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About Us:

Cody Chiropractic has created a chiropractic center dedicated to your overall health as a human being.

We at Cody Chiropractic are committed to the detection and elimination of any interference to the well being of your health and to reveal, to those who are interested, the source of true health and the manifestation of your fullest healing potential. We include an evaluation and a review of health history in order to determine a customized treatment for each patient. Then, we work as a co-facilitator with you, so your body can be put in the correct environment to heal itself. We offer you the opportunity to learn about personal fitness and how to maintain your health through exercise, a positive mental attitude and regular spinal adjustments.

My patients thank me for helping them with their health problems that range from low back and foot pain to earaches and headaches. However, I can't take the credit. I have never really healed anyone. What I do is perform specific spinal adjustments to remove nerve pressure, allowing the body to respond and heal itself. We get tremendous results..........It's as simple as that!